Airbag Suspension System Pros And Cons

Airbag suspension technology has been around us for many years. Airbag suspension kits are the most common choice of truck owners, who may need extra airbag suspension support for dragging and pulling applications.

However, you should make yourself aware of the pros and cons of an air suspension system before deciding that this setup is right for you.

So without delaying further, let's get started.

What is an air suspension system?

Air suspension is powered by an electric air compressor. The compressor pumps the air into flexible bellows, which are usually made from textile-reinforced rubber. Further, air suspensions use pressurized air instead of pressurized liquids. The pressure inflates the bag that bellows and raises the chassis from the axle.

How does Air Suspension Work?

The airbag suspension system essentially works like a balloon. This concept is designed to resist the weight of the vehicle's frame. It pumps air into the truck to prevent squatting and lets air out when you are not towing. Squatting is where the rear end of your car points down towards the road.

Benefits Of Air Suspension

The air suspension system has a variety of performance benefits, such as:

Traditional Struts

It has traditional struts that give a car an adjustable ride height. This means that when the vehicle is carrying a heavy load, the air springs compress with weight.

The system then responds by increasing air pressure and keeps the vehicle balanced.

Reduced Noise

Reduction in noise, harshness, and vibration on the road keeps the driver in comfort.

Increased Corner Speed

Air suspension allows for increased corner speed because the suspension is better adapted to the road surface.


Trailers last longer with air suspension because the system components do not take on as much vibration.

The air suspension increases the transport capabilities of trucks and heavy vehicles by providing a better grip.

In the case of hauling loads, air suspension offers more consistency and keeps all wheels even and side to side, especially in cases where cargo is difficult to level. This results in reduced body roll when turning corners and curves.

Drawbacks Of Air Suspension

With the benefits of the air suspension system, it also has some drawbacks.


The cost of installing and purchasing an air suspension system can sometimes reach more than three times the repair cost.

Fuel Expense

Costs for fuel used for starting the compressor can add up.

Some of the drawbacks can also be caused due to mechanical issues like rust damage from inside. This can cause the airbags to malfunction, failure of the air suspension tubing connections, and air fitting failure.

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