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The Revolutionary

On-Demand Central Tyre Inflation/Deflation System


Some of the features:

  • Hands free tire inflation that will set all of your tires to the same pressure.
  • Works with any air supply you would normally use to air up a single tire.
  • Many options such as a system to tie into on board air compressor.
  • Polyurethane tubing installs so that it never touches any part of the vehicle.
  • Manifold and control station stays put on the vehicle, the only thing you deal with is the very small and colour coordinated whips that quick disconnect to the tire and the manifold at normally closed connection points.
  • System can be fully hidden on the vehicle or proudly displayed,
  • it is universal and can be adapted to any vehicle with multiple tires.
  • Systems available for vehicles up to 16 tires at one central control.

AirBase comes with everything you needed for airing up/down your vehicle (*Air supply not included.)



  • Maximum Working Pressure: 145 PSI

AirBase 4

Sales Tax Included
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