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About Us

As an Australian based company that manufactures and supplies air suspension systems and kits to various industries which includes farming, four wheel driving, agriculture, mining, film, trade and caravanning, Thor Air Suspension has you well and truly covered. If you’re after an air suspension system to provide that extra layer of comfort and convenience to your commute regardless of what your particular use might be, we can definitely help. By choosing Thor Air Suspension you can enjoy knowing that our very own manufactured brackets have been stress tested by an accredited Government certifier to 51kn, which means unless your're looking to put more than five tonnes of pressure under our system, you will be well sorted in using our air suspension system. 

At Thor Air Suspension, we appreciate the needs of various customers and different groups, which is why we offer variants of components available for purchase and also have our full air suspension system kits available for purchase. If you’re only in the space for a quality air tank then you’re in luck. We offer our air tanks in aluminium or stainless steel variants in three, six or nine litre capacities as well as seamless aluminium air tanks in nine or fifteen litre sizes. Giving you the freedom to adjust your load carrying abilities when needed, our load assist kits are the perfect solutions for most utes, vans and four wheels drives. 

With replacement airbags from big names like Boss, Polyair and Airbag Man, we have you well covered for any of your load assist air suspension system needs. If you’re in the space for an air compressor for your air suspension system then you’re also in luck. Our compressor offering will have you covered for every last need in this area. We stock high quality 12v air compressors that are oil free and boast a heavy duty design with 50% and 100% duty cycles. Our air compressor offering doesn’t stop here as we also stock and supply suitable air filters, the relevant valve connections needed to get the system going and a suite of paddle valve controllers to choose from. 

The offering we are most excited about are our air suspension kits offered as simple inflation kits, on board air kits or complete air kits. All kits offered by us come with full instructions, compressor, thank and all the hardware you need to get your air suspension system up and running. If you want to enjoy the comfort of being able to store air in your vehicle and at the flick of a switch have the ability to access the perfect level of elevation to your airbag suspension or tyres, our air suspension kits will allow you to complete your commute with added comfort and safety while also minimising potential damage to your vehicle if it means being able to avoid bottoming out with various sized loads being carried. For everything to do with air suspension and air suspension kits, reach out to Thor Air Suspension for a further discussion.

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