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Ask yourself.....

Do you want the flexibility of being able to adjust your load carrying capability as your load varies? 

Do you want relief from the constant bottoming out of your vehicle over the distance of your journey?

Do you want safer driving, and safer load carrying options, with all four wheels having better contact with the road?

Do you want a product that is easy to install?

Do you want a product that won't break the bank, that is still great quality at an affordable price?

Do you want a quality product with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you are after a Thor Airbag Suspension kit,

Our air bag suspension products give leaf sprung & some coil sprung vehicles an air adjustable rear suspension, majority of our kits simply bolt on and when filled with air, raises the rear end (when under load) to make the vehicle level again. This makes the vehicle safer when loaded by keeping the front wheels in contact with the road, eliminating sway and improving cornering (wet or dry). Also your lights at night won't be shinning directly into oncoming traffic, and will improve night driving by keeping your head lights on the road ahead.

These airbag suspension kits are perfect for vehicles that carry loads constantly or intermittently.  You can adjust your air pressure to suit your load whether it be carring tool boxes or towing a caravan or trailer.  Ask us about our in-cab inflation kits so you can adjust the pressure in your airbag suspension kit in your cabin for safer load carrying/towing.

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Airbag Suspension for Load Assist


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