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Load Assist Kit for Tunland


THOR load assist kits are easy to fit and most simply bolt on using basic hand tools. When filled with air, raise the rear end (when under load) to make the vehicle level again making the vehicle safer when loaded by keeping the front wheels in contact with the road, eliminating sway and improving cornering (wet or dry).


Full "On Board Air " control kits can be added to all Load Assist kits; 
Key Benefits -

  • Enable vehicles to cope with uneven or heavy loads
  • Helps maintain control of loaded vehicle


This kit comes with instructions, two quality #2500 pound bellows, top and bottom brackets, 1/4" SAEJ10 Airline, all fittings, push connect schrader valves and stainless steel panel.


SKU: 0741414526877
Sales Tax Included
  • Brackets are made from 6mm Australian Steel, CAD Plated for superior rust protection, made locally to support local businesses.

    Superior Quality 5mm corded rubber bellows.

    Australian made SAEJ10 air line.

    Push Connect Schrader fittings for leak free connections.

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