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5 Reasons Why an Air Suspension Kit Might Be For You

Air suspension kits are a popular modification for motor vehicles. They augment the conventional leaf or coil spring suspensions by adding an air-adjustable rear suspension. Thor Air Suspension is one of the best-known names in the business. We provide top-quality airbag suspensions in Australia.

Could an air suspension kit be suitable for you? Here are 5 reasons why you might need one.

Air Suspension Helps To Carry Heavy Loads

Does your job or lifestyle involve driving while carrying heavy loads? Then you ought to know the importance of suspension. A stronger suspension is needed to support a heavy load and prevent damage to your vehicle.

But when you’re riding empty, the ride will feel stiff and uncomfortable. An airbag suspension kit will solve that problem by adjusting the load support to suit your needs. Inflate when you’re driving loaded, deflate once you’ve uploaded.

If You Go Off-roading

Many of our customers come from professions that often drive off-road. This includes farmers, 4WD tour operators and enthusiasts, agricultural and mining professionals, and people in the film and TV industry.

They know the importance of a robust air ride suspension when driving in the tough Australian outback with 6mm steel brackets, and 5 ply rubber bellows also with the ability to adjust the vehicle comes in handy.

Air Suspension Kits Help With Safety

Safety is always paramount, even more so when carrying heavy loads. And there’s one thing an airbag suspension kit can do that spring suspensions can’t. That’s to raise the rear end of a vehicle under load in order to make it level.

This keeps the front wheels in contact with the road. And that keeps the vehicle much safer, by making sure it doesn’t sway when cornering. Which is always a danger when the rear of your vehicle is laden with a heavy load.

If You’re Worried About Installation

An air suspension kit is meant to complement your existing suspension. This means installing them doesn’t involve ripping out your vehicle’s entire suspension system or cutting or welding anything!

An airbag suspension kit can be installed simply by bolting in, which you can do yourself with basic tools. And they’re available for most popular make and model. Renault, Ford, Great Wall, Holden, Hyundai, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Toyota, Isuzu and more.

If You Want a Quality Air Suspension Product

Thor Air Suspension kits are proudly made in Australia. This means they have been certified by an Australian government accredited certifier. Our heavy-duty brackets feature 6mm thick laser cut plate manufactured right here in Australia with a durable silver zinc finish. And they’ve been tested to hold over 5.11 tons.

Our top-quality airbags are made of 5mm-thick corded and ribbed rubber. They’ve also been tested to 464psi and rated to carry 1,120kg each. We’re so confident in the quality of our air suspension kits, we offer a 5 year lifetime warranty.

For the best airbag suspension in Australia, only one name matters. Thor Air Suspension is named after the Norse god of air, which reflects the top quality of our air ride suspension products. Call us at 07 5574 5800 or email

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