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Lets Talk Maintenance.

Any compressor creates moisture, which is the biggest cause of problems in any air suspension setup.

It can also cause steel tanks to corrode, and send dirt and water through your entire system. Whether just an onboard tank and compressor or a full airride system, here’s a few hints and tips to help get the most from your onboard air supply.

1. Always run a water trap. These can be run either between the compressor and tank, or between the tank and valve block. These trap the majority of the moisture and allow it to be drained easily.

2. A tank drain is just as important, and should be drained every couple weeks with regular use.

3. Always use a check valve. Check valves prevent the back flow of air between the tank and compressor. They also allow the compressor to start up without any load on it. Check valve failures due to dirt and moisture are the biggest killers of air compressors. I like to replace my check valves as part of a regular service routine on my vehicle, and at least check them often to ensure they are working.

4. Air filters. Most 12/24v compressors have an easily removable air filter that collects dirt and dust. These should be cleaned regularly also, or replaced when necessary. All Thor compressors come with 2 spare filter elements!

Hopefully this will help you get the most out of your system and ensure a trouble free experience.

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