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Introducing the DOWN 4 bag auto levelling system. A must have addition to any complete airbag system. Required for engineering in all states.

The system comprises of  height sensors, located at each corner, which send signals to the ECU which in turn operates the solenoid valves automatically to keep your vehicle at a legal height.



*3 programmable ride height settings

*3 progrmmable pressure settings

*3 programmable sensitivity settings

*4 High quality German made Height Sensors

*8 valve manifold block for individual inflate/deflate of 4 airbags

*Keypad with Front/Back/All/Individual airbag control

*Child Lockout function on Keypad

*Pre-wired plug-n-play harnesses for ease of install

*Power wire & relay for compressor

*Wireless key fob remote control as standard


Works with most other brand compressors & airbags




DOWN4 Bag Auto-Levelling System

GST Included
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