Thor Load Control Total Control Air Kits are designed to utilise sotored onboard air at the flick of a switch giving you the convenience of inflating tyres, air bellows &/or air tools on the go. With a 100% duty cycle 200psi work horse on board, lifes' a breeze.


Kit includes;

Thor Compressor X440 with stainless steel braided hose 700mm & check valve

2 x Air Filters & relocation housing

Choice of Aluminium or Stainless Steel Air Tank 3 Gallon/9 Litre Air Tank

Pressure Switch PS-03 110-135psi (other pressure switch options available)


Drain Lock

Plugs & Push connect fittings

Thor 2V Slimline Valve Block

Thor Dual Backlit Gauge (option to upgrade to digitial gauge)

Black Powder Coated Gauge Panel

1/4"SAE Approved Airline (-40~+93 Degree Celcius)

Installation Instructions

Loadcontrol3-Airbag Control Kit