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Seamless Aluminium Air Tank


Made from 6063 spun Aluminium with a thickness of 3.5mm made as per SAEJ10 standards.With a working pressure of 200psi.


Capable of withstanding 5 times it’s reservoir rated working pressure when hydrostatically applied internal pressure of 750psi.


We are now able to offer Air Tank Certification, this is an additional cost. If you require certification please email us directly on to get a quote before ordering and paying for your air tank.


Sizes & Dimensions and port configurations;



3 Gallon - L490mm x H168mm x W190mm 3x1/4" 2 x 3/8" ports

5 Gallon - L760mm x H168mm x W190mm 3x1/4" 2 x 3/8" ports


**Approx measurements

**black tanks out of stock**

Seamless Aluminium Air Tank

Sales Tax Included
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