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THOR Universal kits are easy to fit and most simply bolt on using basic hand tools. When filled with air, raise the rear end (when under load) to make the vehicle level again making the vehicle safer when loaded by keeping the front wheels in contact with the road, eliminating sway and improving cornering (wet or dry).


Full "On Board Air " control kits can be added to all Load Assist kits; 
Key Benefits -

  • Enable vehicles to cope with uneven or heavy loads
  • Helps maintain control of loaded vehicle


This kit comes with instructions, two superior quality air bellows, with aluminim top and bottom seal plates with internal mounted bolt holes, 1/4" SAEJ10 Airline, all fittings, push connect schrader valves and stainless steel panel.


Thor Load Assist Kit to suit various applications.
Universal kits can be adapted to any vehicle that a specific load assist kit is not available for. Available in 3 different sizes, for adapting to, cars, utes, vans, light trucks, caravans, & trailers


2501 single bellow has 3" travel (great for when there is limited space)

2502 double bellow has 5.5" travel (most popular)

2602 double bellow has 6.5" travel (for heavier vehicles)

2603 triple bellow has 10" travel (for more height)

Universal Kits

Sales Tax Included
  • FREE SHIPPING on all Thor Load Assist kits Kits Include:- 2 x Complete Air Bags (choice of #2500, #2600, or #2603 Triple bellow 4 x Billet Alloy mounting plates (2 upper & 2 lower) Mounting Hardware - Grade 8 High Tensile Bolts 4 metres of Government Approved Australian Made Airline SAE J844 Dual Schrader Valves & Australian Made Stainless Mounting Panel Fitting Instructions
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