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We supply a range of Aluminium & Stainless Steel Air Tanks in a Volume of

1 Gallon / 3 Gallon / 5 /Gallon



Seamless Aluminium Air Tanks in a

Volume of

3 Gallon / 5 Gallon sizes.

The only Australian supplier of quality stainless steel and seamless aluminium

air tanks.

Thor airbag  suspension kits are available for most popular utes, vans & 4wd's.

With more rubber compound and less pvc our airbags are more supple with less deterioration and crazing.

Shop our range of Boss, Polyair, Airbag man replacement airbags.

12V 50% & 100% Duty Cycle Compressors.


Ask about our Compressor range with 100% Duty Cycle at 200psi


Check out our NEW 2.54cfm

High Output



Simple Inflation Kits

Onboard Air Kits 

Complete Inflation Kits

We have a kit to suit your needs.

From simple to complete air suspension management systems, call us for any queries you have!

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A range of push connect fittings and airline for 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/8 

& Miscellaneous

Digital and Manual gauges dual needle gauge, paddle valves switches, and a variety of gauge panels to suit all needs.

& Panels

Airbase is a complete inflation/deflation system for your vehicles

With a wide range of airbags to choose from we have a bag to replace your boss, airbag man, polyair bags.

Thor Air Suspension

I'd just like to say a sincere thank you to all and especially Venita who has been just great for assisting me with the Air bag issue. It really is a pleasure to know Aussie companies are the Best!


Thor knows Air.

Proven in the tough Australian Outback by Farmers, 4wd tour operators, and 4wd enthusiasts, as well as the Agricultural, Mining, and Film & Television Industries. From Tradesmen looking for a little help with their daily drive, to the Couple touring Australia with their Caravan, we've got you covered.


Thor Airbag Suspension Kits come with Australian Made, heavy duty, laser cut and MIG welded brackets. Featuring 6mm thick plate, and a durable silver zinc finish to ensure long lasting rust protection. Our brackets have been tested by a Government Accredited Certifier to 51kn. Thats just over 5.11 Ton! You can rest assured, our brackets don't bend or break like other brands. 


Couple these brackets with our very own top quality double convoluted Airbags, featuring heavy duty 5mm thick, corded & ribbed rubber. These airbags boast a travel rate of 145mm, and give a much better ride that a single convolute (or sleeve bag) thanks to it's flexibility and durability.

Our double #2500 pound Airbags have been tested by an Government Accredited Certifier, to 464psi without bursting! With a recommended working pressure of 5-160psi, they are rated to carry 1120kg each. Our bellows have a higher rubber content with less plastic compound to ensure longer life and less crazing and degradation of the rubber, so they are more supple than other brands that are boasting higher pressure ratings, the higher the pressure rating the more plastic compound, the more brittle the bag will become over time.

Thor has a variety of different sizes and styles of Airbags, we have a bellow to suit your needs - Whether its for your car, ute, 4wd, trailer, caravan, horse float, agricultural machinery, movie prop or as a vibration isolator! The limit is your imagination.


Thor are not just limited to supplying quality Load assist kits and airbag suspension systems, but we also manufacture & supply durable Aluminium & Stainless Steel Air Tanks, 12V Air Compressors, Australian made DOT Airline & Push Connect Fittings, Pressure Gauges, Onboard Inflation and Air Supply kits and complete Air Ride Kits for custom vehicles.


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Thor Air Suspension
Thor Air Suspension
Thor Air Suspension
Airbase4 Thor inflation kit