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What are Airbag Suspension Kits? (And What are Their Benefits)

It can be said that an airbag suspension kit is a somewhat familiar choice for all vans and ute owners. When it comes to getting extra suspension support for hauling and towing, they’re usually the go-to option.

While there are some well-known brands that have been around for a long time, you might not be familiar with why it's a good choice. In this article, we’ll cover all the basics of air suspension so you can make the right choice.

How does the air suspension work?

The air ride suspension system generally works like a balloon. This suspension system is very durable and is specifically designed to resist the frame’s weight of the vehicle. Its job is to pump air into the bag to protect your vehicle from squatting.

When you are not towing or moving a heavy load, the bags will be flat. Airbag suspension systems are continuing to grow in popularity and are taking the place of leaf spring suspension. This is because they’re able to maintain your ute’s standard height while fully loaded. When there is perfect pressure in the bags, squat issues become a thing of the past.

Some benefits of using an air suspension kit

  1. Can lower the harshness, vibration, and noise level

Vibration, harshness, and noise can lead to driver discomfort and fatigue. So, it is better to keep them low. And this is possible by using an airbag suspension system. By opting for the best kit, your ute will last longerbecause you won’t have to deal with many vibrations.

And, as there will be less vibration, it can improve tyre life. Some systems can also effectively lift the unused axles.

  1. Enhanced fuel consumption

The suspension systems can properly optimize the height of the ride while considering the vehicle’s speed. You will have the option to set the height based on whether you’re carrying a load, this will make sure the kit is optimised. As the suspension is better for the road surface, you can also achieve higher cornering speeds. This can be helpful if you’re on a deadline.

  1. Versatile in different types of terrain

It is a fact that air suspension kits are more consistent for all wheels. When you have the best-in-class suspension systems, you can ensure the truck is level side-to-side in terms of loads. And it can significantly lower the body roll in corners. With this, you can eliminate the suspension sag issue.

The best quality air suspension system can be levelled with different loads by utilizing the height control valve. As a result, you can build a trailer to a higher top and lower floor without affecting the consistency level and ensuring that a trailer is not over-height.

Are finding it challenging to buy a quality airbag suspension kit for your four-wheelers, vans, trucks, and more? Don’t worry at all, and get in touch with Thor Air Suspension now. The suspension kits available at Thor Air Suspension are made of laser-cut, heavy-duty, and MIG welded brackets. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the kits and place your order now and make your ride super comfortable.

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